Calling all Home BUYERS

who are looking to...

  • SAVE up to $50 - 100k when Buying a Home in Orange County
  • WIN in a Multiple-Offer Market
  • SEE properties other Buyers are NOT seeing

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that Home Buyers Face...

  • Limited Inventory in their Desired Market
  • Many Competing Buyers Paying CASH (Hint.. Sellers LOVE these Buyers!)
  • Interest Rates are SUPER Low... Increasing the Number of Buyers in the Marketplace!
  • Buyers believe they need to "go to the Listing Agent" to buy a home!
  • And that the ONLY way to win is to OFFER more $$
  • But, that just means Buyers are giving their Buying POWER AWAY!

... and I am here to tell all of you, home buyers, something important...

And, I am sure, you won't hear it anywhere else...

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You are tired of paying rent...

Perhaps you are ready for more space...

You want the stability of putting roots down in your community...

Or, you NEED to relocate due to your job, family or some other compelling reason...


So... What's a hard-working, prospective Home buyer like you got to do to WIN in this CRAZY, STUPID Real Estate Market??

Personally... I believe it may be the most glamorous, ten-letter word in the industry...


FIVE to be exact!!

my FREE, No-Obligation...

Home Buyer Strategy Session

How to "Stage" Yourself as a Buyer

Did you know there are steps you can take to make yourself or, more importantly, your offer more desirable to a seller? I will show you how to do this!

The Crystallization Process

I have a unique process to help you uncover what is really important to you in a home BEYOND just the features of the home. This ensures you don't make a COSTLY mistake and buy the wrong house! Very few Real Estate agents know how to do this!

How to Find "Hidden" Properties

There is an entire market of homes that few Buyers are even seeing... and no, these are NOT "Pocket Listings" you've heard about on Reality TV.  I can show you how to find them!

A System to Reduce Stress & Eliminate Sales Manipulation

Did you know there IS a way to remove the "ick"-factor when buying a home?  Buying a home doesn't have to be a huge headache!  Let me show you my streamlined system!

So... WHAT makes ME qualified to share these Strategies with you...

Because let's be REAL... I'd ask the same thing too

Hello There! I'm Sean...

... I've been buying & selling Real Estate my entire adult life! Real Estate is one of the BEST ways to invest your money, so to me, the opportunities are endless! I decided to get my license 5 years ago and help others realize their dreams of home-ownership! When I got into Real Estate, I didn't want to just be another 'sleazy' salesperson - sorry to be so direct... I realize that is the perception out there of our industry - so I got busy searching for an amazing coach & mentor, from whom I learned how to bring a different kind of service to Buyers & Sellers! That is where I learned about these 5 Strategies! With my out-of-the-box Real Estate system, I'm able to serve my clients on a higher level than what is typical.

Is it really free??

ABSOLUTELY!!  100% FREE... 100% No-Obligation!  All it costs you is your time... which, I will admit, could be several hours, depending on how many questions you have.  This time is about YOU, and I want to make sure you have a thorough understanding of the process and the system.

What if I already have another agent?

It is NEVER my intention to interfere if you are already working another agent.  That said, I do have a program to work WITH other agents, so if you are interested in learning the 5 Strategies, I would still be happy to share them with you and then collaborate with your agent to implement them.

Do you need both of us to attend (spouses, partners, parents/children)?

Yes!  Anyone with whom you plan on buying this home must attend because everyone's input matters when developing a strategy.  Additionally, I guarantee that you will hear things in this meeting that other agents have never shared with you... new things that have taken me YEARS to learn, and it wouldn't be fair to expect you to relay that new information to your home-buying partner.

Can you just email me the strategies?

Unfortunately, many of the strategies work in conjunction with other strategies, thereby making it more of a "recipe", if you will.  Anyone could share the game rules with you.. but in order to have an advantage over the competition and WIN the game, you need to learn the strategy beyond just the rules :):)

What if I am not buying a home for another year?

That is no problem at all!  The earlier you start the process, the more strategies you will be able to implement, thereby giving you even MORE of an advantage when the time finally comes to buy your home!

Can you just show me houses?

I COULD... but that doesn't help you prepare for when you finally find "the ONE", and because of that, it would be a disservice to you to simply start showing you random houses.  In a super competitive market, if you start shopping for houses first, by the time you are prepared to buy it, the house will likely be sold.  It would be like expecting a doctor to prescribe you medicine BEFORE he or she examines you :):)